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Behind the Clouds, the Sun is Shining

During the dark times, we ask ourselves, will the sun ever shine again? Will the rain ever end? Lazarus's sisters might have asked themselves those questions many times during his sickness, and his death might have bought them discouragement. Jesus who was Lazarus's friend, knew of his condition, and his death. But in John 11, we learned that He waited to see Lazarus family four days after his death. By that time, everyone, (including Martha who said in verse 22, "even now I know that God will give you whatever you ask, ") has lost hope. Many came together that day to mourn his death and to say goodbye. But that day Jesus had another plan, for Lazarus rose from the dead, and many left believing in Jesus (John 11:45).

Right now, just as Mary and Martha, many families has lost hope after seeing how corona-virus brings death, confinement,  financial burdens and much more to several people. It is undeniable that corona-virus bears a lot of heartaches in its passage; however, there are some positive outcomes to it. For instance, those who are mourning the lost of a loved one, they could also use this time to reflect on their own relationship with God and how to improve it. Those who are at home with the virus can seize the moment to reconnect with their family and together study the word of  God. Also, this crisis has brought so many to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  No matter the situation we are facing, we can still look at it with hopeful eyes. In the midst of our uncertainties, it's imperative that we give the God almighty thanks, honor, and glory! For everything He does or allows us to endure is for our own benefits. Just like in Lazarus' story corona-virus could be a form of testimony of God's greatness. Ask yourself this question, "when the Son of Man returns, how many will He find on the earth who have faith (Luke 18:8)?" Will you be among those who still have faith, or have you lost your faith in the midst of your trials?